土曜日, 1月 14, 2006

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A few random topics this post, first lets have some
favicon fun.
In case your wondering how I jacked the FreeBSD daemon icon for my URL. One comment on that, I was able to href this to a jpg and it works on my browser (firefox) but I did notice in the wiki that ie has strict file requirements (.ico) and I haven't actually tested it on ie because I don't want that crap infecting my computer.

Ok, you need proof. how about the nine year old girl from pakistan, shes a microsoft pro. Now if you got kids fresh out of diapers getting microsoft certs. what does that say about the level of skill needed to hack their system? Don't get me wrong, Im not flamming her, thats a smart kid. But when was the last time you picked up the paper and saw a kid guiness compiling her own custom kernel and understanding sendmail? While some would say this is an indication of how easy it is to use, I think I would prefer some level of obfuscation between the script kiddies and our infrastructure. Fortunately, most of the sysadmins know this and are deploying nix, however if you are an avid reader of security, its a pretty fubared world out there.

Whats up with the big number? its a wep encryption key, theres a free calculator that lets you dice up wep keys every way imaginable, check out this wep calculator.

On the FreeBSD channel, apparently there is support for Intel PRO/wireless "centrinos" under 6.0 so the links for the ndis wrapper might have to go, however I haven't had time to get everything done, you need to put
if_ipw_load="YES" and
wlan_load="YES" in loader.conf (this is for the 2100)
you can find loader.conf in /boot better yet read this.
but it says you also need ipwcontrol, this is a project that will have to wait until my homework is done. (if you go to the release notes the PRO wireless is down in about half way down the page.)



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